The Wasted Bin

Interactive Installation For NH7 Weekender

The Wasted Bin
The Wasted Bin

Project Details

At NH7 Weekender- India's Happiest Music Festival; to discourage littering, we turned an ordinary waste bin into a WASTED bin. The more alcohol cups you throw into it, the more drunk it gets and the more 'trash' it talks.

The Wasted Bin was connected to an XBOX Kinect to detect movement of people around it. On detection, the bin spoke out and encouraged people to throw their cups inside it. Besides, there were motion sensors next to the lid of the bin to know exactly when it's opened and other sensors to detect the drop of a cup.

The bin also had alcohol sensors to gauge the level of alcohol inside the bin, using fumes emitted from the cups. Two high powered speakers were installed to blast each dialogue and there was an actual, smaller waste bin inside to collect the cups






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