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Nexa Journeys
Nexa Journeys

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NEXA Journeys on The Asian Highway 1 is a unique reality travel & adventure show where five artists from five different creative fields have travelled from Delhi to Bangkok via Myanmar.

These five artists come from diverse backgrounds such as performing arts, food, photography, music and writing. They were accompanied by five other unique personalities on this breath-taking journey, who had been chosen through a contest. The one-of-a-kind journey on this epic highway started from New Delhi and passed through Varanasi, Jorhat and Imphal, from where it entered Myanmar, finally making its way to Bangkok. Each of their passions formed the backdrop as they passed through these cities giving all the 10 travellers a chance to experience this magnificent journey in its full glory.

10 Travellers, 4325 Kilometers, 3 Nations and one exciting journey



World Wide Media / Discovery Channel


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